Class Action Litigation

A High-Performance Discovery Request Platform

Collecting, reviewing, and exchanging information electronically for the purpose of using it as evidence exposes your firm to extensive costs and liability. The success of a class action litigation can hinge on the contents of just a few documents. How can Noetic Analytics help elevate your firm’s competency?

Noetic Analytics Role in Class Action Litigation

Effectively Manages Request for Information in One Single Platform

Noetic Analytics effectively manages request for information in one single platform in class action litigation. Our platform helps to avoid liabilities generated by the failure to respond in a timely manner, or by providing incorrect, inconsistent, or contradictory answers.

Noetic Analyitcs for Defendants and Plaintiffs

Effectively Manage Request for Information in One Single Platform.


  • Ensure timely response to inquiries.
  • Ensure complete review for consistency of previous information that has been supplied to Plaintiff’s in this case or even other related cases before responding to requests.
  • Provide strong best practice workflow to ensure highly efficient and high quality responses.
  • Improve Case Intelligence and  knowledge by providing deeper understanding of case information and data.


  • Validate and compare responses from all defendants.
  • Plaintiffs have to respond to interrogation requests also.
  • Instantly compare and contrast responses looking for inconsistencies or incorrect information.
  • Concept search allows you to perform foundational research into large volumes of case data without being overloaded by volume.