Noetic Analytics' Role in Mass Tort Litigation

Effectively Manage Request for Information

Sextant Discovery effectively manages requests for information on a single platform. It reduces the time to respond from hours to minutes while ensuring that you have complete insight into previous responses. Our repository provides a complete history of every served document as well as a searchable database of every request and response.

Our automated workflow ensures that the work is done in a timely and efficient manner while providing complete visibility on the progress of your team.  Raise your team’s productivity to a whole new level with Sextant Discovery.

Noetic Analytics for Defendants and Plaintiffs

Effectively Manage Request for Information in a Single Platform.


  • Significant reduction in the time to respond to a given request
  • Ensure timely response to inquiries
  • Ensure complete review for consistency of previous information that has been supplied to plaintiff in this case or related cases before responding to requests
  • Provide strong best practice workflow to ensure highly efficient and high-quality responses
  • Improve case intelligence and knowledge by providing deeper understanding of case information


  • Validate and compare responses from all defendants
  • Instantly compare and contrast responses looking for inconsistencies or incorrect information
  • Semantic search powers foundational research in large volumes of case data