Sextant Profiler

A Highly Effective Information Recognition Tool

Sextant Profiler combines cutting edge AI based natural language processing (NLP) and entity recognition to find, highlight, and redact critical information more quickly and accurately than previously possible. It’s unique ability to combine traditional text searching with AI based entity recognition will target key information in ways that were not previously possible

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A Targeted Content Identification Tool

Identifies, Classifies, and Visualizes Information for a Broad Range of Topics

Targeted Content Identification

Combine traditional string search and AI to find the exact information you are interested in. Words and phrases with multiple meanings can be differentiated to only select the specified content.

Data Anonymization

Replace confidential information with anonymization codes. Anonymization reporting lets you to track which text was replaced with which codes. It maps the precise location in the original document.

Data Visualization

Using Targeted Content Identification, Sextant Profiler visualizes key information. Its navigation tools, bookmarks, and table of content generation allow you to quickly lookup and navigate to specific content.

Custom Solutions

Noetic Analytics provides custom solutions based upon the Sextant Profiler and our ability to create custom data models and workflows. Talk to our team to address your specific custom needs.

Custom Classification

Sextant Profiler identifies and classifies information that belongs to a variety of topics such as data privacy, bio-logical sciences and numerous other types of entities.

Cost Effectiveness

Sextant Profiler significantly reduces the cost of both scanning documents for specific information and the costs of QC of redactions.

AI & Machine Learning

Highlight key terms and concepts within your documents leveraging AI and machine learning. Once identified, you can selectively highlight, redact, and extract this information.

Targeted Identification

It is common that names are used in other non-PII cases. The name “Will” could appear in different contexts as in “I will” or “My last will.” Sextant Profiler will only redact the desired uses.

Topic Word Clouds

Sextant Profiler generates word clouds of important topics on a variety of targeted subjects such as medical issues and chemicals.

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Sextant Profiler: Key Features

A Highly Effective Information Recognition Tool

  • Highlights entities and other information

      Creates faceted tables of contents for identified entities automatically

      Customizable annotation colors

  • Combines your lists of key terms/phrases with our entity recognition to ensure only the proper context is identified

  • Supports DSAR requests with selective auto-redaction of PII (e.g., leaves the PII of person(s) requesting the information in place, but redacts other parties)

  • Anonymizes PII and other information and provides full reporting

  • Standard entity detection as well as advanced models such as medical issues and chemicals

  • Supports custom models built using your information

  • Combines text, regular expressions, and AI-based entity recognition seamlessly

  • Extracts lists of all information found with document name, location, and context

  • Extracts and saves a list of all unique information identified, including entity type (person, diseases, etc.)

  • Generates a word-cloud of the most common information found in the document

  • Generates sanitized PDF/A compliant PDF’s with redactions, annotations, table of contents and word-cloud report

  • Option to deliver image-only PDF’s