Data Breach Assessment

How to Handle Document Review and Data Identification After a Breach

After an organization learns it has experienced a breach, the first obligation is to conduct a thorough incident investigation. Identifying compromised data and notifying all affected parties in a timely manner will be the first steps to avoid legal liability.

Noetic Analytic's Role in Data Breach Assessment

How to improve accuracy and meet notification deadlines

Noetic Analytics’ eDiscovery solutions help to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with human review. Noetic Analytic’s eDiscovery solutions help companies to respond after a data breach by analyzing large data sets to extract and visualize relevant data with the highest precision.

Adapting Noetics Analytics

How Does Noetic Analytics reduce Costs and Liabilities?
  • expedites document review and data identification of compromised data
  • helps to facilitate the notification of all parties in a timely manner
  • sorts through data that appears in multiple formats
  • assists in preparing a gap analysis
  • helps to facilitate client communication
  • provides data when drafting new policies and redesigning security protocols