Redaction Services

Redaction Services

Noetic Analytics provides fast and accurate redaction and annotation of PII and other sensitive information utilizing the latest AI technology as well as a proven workflow. Noetic Analytics can quickly, accurately and efficiently redact your documents.

We provide a variety of unique features that greatly enhance the impact of our annotation and redaction capabilities:

      • Anonymize Entities with unique codes.
      • Deliver PDF’s as image only or with redacted text.
      • Build rules to further automate and find unique patterns of information.
      • Create redacted PDF’s in PDF/A format for widest compatibility and record keeping compliance.

Our technology automatically identifies a wide variety of PII such as:

      • Drivers Licenses
      • Medical Licenses
      • Tax ID’s
      • Social Security Numbers
      • Bank Account Numbers
      • Phone Numbers
      • Addresses
      • Names
      • Places

In addition to these, we support a wide variety of other entities in a number of fields such as biological sciences and legal.  If you have custom entity requirements, we can build custom models to support those needs.  For example, we have built models that can identify the names of plaintiffs, defendants, case or docket numbers and others in legal documents.

Let us show you how our technology and great staff can help you solve your redaction problems.

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