Sextant Discovery

A High-Performance Discovery Request Platform

The Discovery Request Platform is an end-to-end solution to accurately manage discovery request documents. Our platform helps you streamline the discovery process and reduce the time spent on document review. We help you get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

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End-to-End Discovery Platform

Simplify Discovery with Our Cloud-Based Solution

Responses to Interrogatories

Analyze and manage all forms of discovery demands–interrogatories, RFAs, RFPs and others–utilizing machine learning and workflow automation.


Substantively align similar discovery requests and responses with previous requests and their responses. As a result, you can see, contrast, and compare all previous responses.

Total Workflow Control

Flexibly track and manage every stage of response to discovery demands. Our platform ensures timely response and eliminates the risk of being non-responsive.

Defining User Roles

Sextant Discovery lets you assign user roles for your team. You specify what data each team can view and which tasks they can perform.

Understanding Content & Context

Our state-of-the-art AI identifies and relates textual meaning independent of the particular words used.

Ease of Use

Our platform’s intuitive interface makes it easy for teams to navigate and manage the discovery process. It is quick and straightforward to implement.


Our simplified and streamlined process dramatically reduces time to review and respond along with their attendant costs.

In the Cloud

Our discovery platform and discovery tools are cloud-based services for law firms, departments, and other stakeholders.

Leveraging AI

Advanced AI-based textual analytics guarantees your responses are accurate and consistent. Through automated workflows, responses are delivered on time and at the lowest possible cost.

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Sextant Discovery: Key Platform Features

Manage Discovery Request Documents with the Highest Precision

  • Secure cloud-based platform
  • Tracks original requesting documents and emails for compliance purposes

  • Identifies discovery document type and its contained requests automatically (interrogatory, request for production, request for admission, and others)

  • Extracts requests within the document automatically

  • Routes discovery request documents and their requests into our automated workflow, tracks them, and automatically distributes them to the appropriate users

  • Compares each request to all previous requests and scores them as to similarity, creating a list of suggested responses

  • All requests and responses are topic clustered

  • Empowers reviewers to answer a response in part or whole using the suggested responses

  • Suggested responses give the reviewer full insight into the history of responses to specific requests

  • Compares requests and previous answers to highlight differences and similarities

  • Provides greater insight into the completeness of previous responses and their consistency

  • Tracks responder and reviewer performance metrics

  • Logs all user activities completely

  • Assembles the finalized response document automatically